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Bringing about a New Energy future is a lifelong commitment for those who have realized its critical importance. All life on planet Earth is under threat, primarily from the unsustainable exploitation of natural resources -- fossil fuels being chief among them. The founding members of New Energy Movement have built a consensus that dictates action be taken to alter the self-destructive course of humankind.

The coming energy revolution will require a mass movement like none before it. We envision the benefits it promises to this and coming generations can only be secured by a resurgence of Collective Will. Today, while there is growing unity within progressive circles, there has yet to emerge a singular rallying cry.

New Energy Movement advocates the responsible development and use of sustainable energy technology governed by wise social policy. The democratic society must become decidedly unanimous where New Energy is concerned.

The individuals listed here are only some of the most prominent figures in the New Energy arena. We hope, in time, to be a hub of activism that spans the many disciplines and fields of endeavor necessary to bring about lasting change.