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The Fear of Free Energy

As human beings, we seek certainty. Due to the limitations of the conceptual mind, only concrete ideas can generally provide this certainty. Yet the more spiritual truths of love, faith, and the Divine Mystery, suffer from diminution when they encounter our analytical brains. They are indeed difficult to 'grasp' and must be perceived by another, more subtle faculty.

Similarly, the ego, or limited idea of self, often holds dominant sway over our lives. We cling to our assumed roles and, in the most extreme examples, will destroy all threats to the ego-centric character structure. Whether by reinforcing delusion and denial, or actually eliminating the objects of our fear, the ego is intent on self-preservation.

When a society becomes comfortable with its own self-destruction due to the collective fear of transcendence, there is an odd parallel with the death of the ego. We see our species struggling to shed the pre-occupations of its past, simultaneously risking an era of stillborn possibilities. Petroleum politics are a perfect example of this fear-based attachment to what is familiar. It appears we might rather live in the prison of ecological suicide and artificially imposed poverty than admit the old order must die.

The concept of Free Energy, an idea whose time has come, will bring with its introduction a collective 'ego death'. Society can be considered the aggregate psyche of humanity. Based upon the mere shadow of abundance that fossil fuels represent, the human economic sphere currently identifies itself with scarcity. This inspires competition over generosity, the pursuit of private gain over the greater good. The earth itself is considered expendable, as are the innocents and indigenous peoples who stand in the way of our modern appetite for destruction.

Free Energy is an expression of the Generative Principle in nature. It is viewed as the primordial force behind all energy of celestial, chemical, geological and biological origin. Often referred to as the Quantum Vacuum or Zero Point Energy, its properties are only partially understood by Physics. As one is asked to embrace the existence of this field of virtually unlimited potential, those schooled in the conventional view of nature cannot escape the sense that it is as much a religious quantity as a scientific one.

Recent experiments have demonstrated that consciousness itself has a measurable effect upon physical reality. Thus, we should not wonder that the discovery of Free Energy has a commensurate effect upon consciousness. We must ask, "What is it that so inspires fear in the face of such knowledge."

Could it be that we are loath to accept our true adulthood in the knowledge that individuated souls are utterly fused together by the field of infinite potential? We may find that to invite Heaven to earth we would have to relinquish cherished beliefs and the ego's sense of 'who we are'.

It is this author's conviction that every ordinary person's greatest fear is dissolution of the conceptual framework that informs our existence. Death has associated with it all manner of conceptual overlays, and so it is often considered in terms of our projections. If the Petroleum magnates were to find themselves disenfranchised, would they not have experienced a form of conceptual death? Were the Physics authorities to have to admit Science had discovered God and yet could not explain Him, would they still perceive themselves knowledgeable?

If Free Energy becomes the order of the day, perhaps love could triumph over division. The society is headed for an ego-death nonetheless. We have been measured in the balance of the Ages and found wanting. What is missing is our willingness to surrender to the inevitable gravity of human need. And Free Energy, the equally abundant availability of resources to all, is the pre-requisite to our transcendence as a species.

It may come as a thief in the night. Or it may come on angel's wings. Yet the liberation from false economic hierarchy that Free Energy brings will be accompanied by our growth into Divine Awareness -- the end of fear and the covenant of Grace.

Andrew Mount
Winter 2005