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New Energy is seen as a rallying point for progressive movements across the spectrum. Central to our quality of life (economically, ecologically and socio-politically), the availability of abundant energy largely governs the course of world affairs. New Energy Movement seeks to ally with those whose vision of a sustainable world society acknowledges the primacy of appropriate energy policy and use.

This (soon to be interactive) section of our website serves as a hub joining forefront and grassroots organizations in the collaborative march toward true evolutionary change. 

Also take time to view our: alliances members

You are welcomed to email us your feedback on the associations represented here. 

New Energy Movement is prepared to partner with sympathetic individuals and groups to integrate energy activism into their mission
and activities.

Let now be the time to forge multi-disciplinary alliances in the pursuit of sustainable energy for all. 

Note: this section will be updated soon so visit again for additional resources.