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New Energy Movement's
Comprehensive Website is Launched

New Energy Movement, a California non-profit devoted to bringing unconventional physics discoveries into the mainstream, announced today the launch of its new website. The content-rich web portal is intended as the hub of a broad-based social movement and grassroots organizational tool.

New Energy Movement views itself as the public face of an emerging renaissance in energy science and technology. Among those whose works are featured at the site are:

Victor Schauberger - discoverer of 'implosion' as anti-gravitational force; developed hydrodynamic turbines with both anti-gravity and life-enhancing properties

Nicola Tesla - inventor of radio, poly-phase electrical transmission and discoverer of 'radiant energy' magnification; created 'wireless' electricity system; understood the principle of 'abundant cosmic energy' and sought to tap it for human benefit

John Worrell Keely - acoustics pioneer, developed earliest example of 'sonoluminescence', an effect related to cold-fusion

Wilhelm Reich - discoverer of 'Orgone' energy and equipment that demonstrates the existence of a 'fixed ether', refuting the relativistic worldview of Einstein

Bruce DePalma - physicist and electrical engineer who, as the modern-day Galileo, refuted Einstein & Newton by demonstrating a non-equivalence of Gravitation and Inertia in rotating objects; furthered the work of Michael Faraday with the homopolar generator, an electrical machine whose behavior has been shown to violate the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics

Dr. Eugene Mallove - key New Energy activist who championed the cold-fusion experiments of Pons & Fleishman; founder of Infinite Energy Magazine, Mallove was a former M.I.T. faculty member, whose recent murder has shocked the New Energy community

These pioneering individuals were greatly ahead of their time, so much so that their innovations are still relegated to the fringes of science. New Energy Movement seeks to bring their discoveries to the fore, at time when energy consumption is the key issue of the day.

As a 501(c)(3), New Energy Movement intends to galvanize public opinion around the need to investigate these energy innovations with the vigor of an Apollo Program or Manhattan Project. It is their uncompromising opinion that New Energy technology offers the most potent solution to the post-modern energy crisis threatening every aspect of life on Earth.