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New Energy Movement is dedicated to the study and promotion of advanced, clean, and sustainable energy sources for our imperiled planet.

We recognize that the single most highly-leveraged opportunity for advancement towards solving our complex global problems lies in a transformation of the way human civilization generates and utilizes energy. We intend to lead humanity toward an enhanced economy and society made possible by exciting scientific advances in New Energy research and development. Our primary task is to encourage intelligent public debate and action on how best to accelerate these advances, making a rapid transition away from our dangerous dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear power.

Our priority is to educate the general public, investors, journalists and energy policy-makers about the necessity to support the development of advanced energy technologies now emerging from the laboratories and work spaces of scientists and inventors all over the world. These powerful New Energy sources include zero-point energy devices, magnetic generators, and advanced hydrogen processes. Coupled with wind, solar, geo-thermal and other conventional alternative technologies, these advanced energy processes must be employed if we are to accomplish the Herculean task of shifting rapidly from our dangerous dependence on polluting technologies to clean, sustainable energy sources. It is clear that without these advanced energy sources, we will not be able to act with the speed and scope demanded by the immense global emergency we face.

The New Energy Movement Educational Programs

The first international The New Energy Movement conference was held in September 2004 in Portland, Oregon. The next conference will be held again on the West Coast in 2007. Beginning this fall, The New Energy Movement will also hold regional conferences and co-sponsor events developed by other prominent New Energy organizations such as Integrity Research Institute, New Energy Foundation, New Energy Congress and Tesla Tech.

Interaction with related organizations in Canada, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East is likely to result in co-sponsored gatherings elsewhere in the world.

Briefings for Journalists
The New Energy Movement will conduct briefings for mainstream print and broadcast journalists in North America. These events are designed to familiarize journalists and editors with the history, current status and future prospects of New Energy R&D. Our purpose is to improve the currently inadequate coverage of New Energy, moving from benign neglect, censorship and distortion to fair and complete coverage of current developments.

We hope to stimulate a rebirth of investigative journalism, as well provide a context for accurate reporting by reporters covering science, the environment and business.

Briefings will also be held for other specialized audiences, including investors, public officials and leaders of environmental and social justice organizations.

New Energy Outreach
The New Energy Movement will develop audio-visual and print materials designed to reach out to specialized audiences and the general public. We also envision the creation of local The New Energy Movement chapters and outreach to groups which will help spread the word about the importance of New Energy R&D. Possible groups include global climate change coalitions, Rotary International, the Sierra Club, etc.

New Energy Movement Foundation
Acting as a Foundation, The New Energy Movement will provide grants for vital complementary programs of closely allied New Energy organizations including New Energy Congress, Tesla Tech, New Energy Foundation, Integrity Research Institute and other prominent groups in North America and elsewhere. Providing support for these organizations will assure a strong and cooperative movement, with results reflecting the strength of a united movement working together.

The New Energy Movement is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. For more information on The New Energy Movement, new energy technologies, becoming a member, and how you can help, contact us. Please share this information with others. Thank you.

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