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World Responds to British Stern Warningon Climate Change October 31, 2006 | The Independent

With the completion of a 580-page commissioned report, Britain has issued a call for urgent action on climate change, to prevent catastrophe by taking preventative measures now. A snapshot of resulting worldwide media coverage.

BRITAIN -- Britain issued a call for urgent action on climate change on Monday after a hard-hitting report painted an apocalyptic picture of the economic and environmental fallout from further global warming.

The 580-page report, commissioned last year by the British government, said failure to tackle climate change could push world temperatures up by 5 degrees Celsius (9 Fahrenheit) over the next century, causing severe floods and harsh droughts and uprooting as many as 200 million people.

Titled the "Stern Review" after the primary author, former World Bank chief economist Nicholas Stern, on a positive note the report said that if action was taken now the benefits of determined worldwide steps to tackle global warming would massively outweigh the economic and human costs.

The report spurred a flurry of news stories in response.

from: http://pesn.com/2006/10/31/9500430_Britain_stern_on_climate_change/