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$20  Re-Inheriting the Earth | Book 
$17  Re-Inheriting the Earth | 3 hours, CDs 
$17  Re-Inheriting the Earth | 3 hours, Tapes 
$15   Exploring Inner and Outer Space | Book 
$13   The Second Coming of Science | Book 
$20   Miracle in the Void | 2-hour, VHS Tapes 

Re-Inheriting the Earth ($20)
This breakthrough book by a noted visionary scientist-author reveals the corruptions of and solutions for a global culture deeply troubled by pollution, greed and suppression. Many approaches are examined: scientific, ecological, philosophical, political, social, spiritual and personal. Included are the latest developments in new energy, oil politics, what underlies the California and global energy crunch, and what choices we have for solving the crisis. Much more, this book is a blueprint for what we must do. I Re-Inheriting the Earth is a call to action for general readers worldwide. It is for concerned global citizens open to solutions and wary of the collusion between large industries and Western governments. In America, the readership would include most Democrats, disillusioned Republicans, and those who didn't vote at all in 2000 (that's most of us). It includes those fed up with the conventional wisdom of the media, universities and corporations.

This book provides answers we will need to implement in the near future. Included are a wide variety of clean, renewable and cost effective energy options, and ways of reversing our abusive global industrial, forestry, agricultural and water use practices, through a mix of traditional and innovative approaches. In the second part, we address the most challenging problem of all: first understanding the nature of our tyranny, and second, looking at ways in which we can change socially and personally to meet the challenge. Dr. O'Leary shares his regret that his native America leads the way in global pollution, but he also points out that the U.S. is a land of innovation and answers.

Towards the end of the book, O'Leary suggests "we are in a global spiritual crisis which demands that we remove our veils of denial and enter a new science of consciousness, exploring our potential to heal, our eternal nature, and our membership in a cosmic community of beings." We must not only create an ecologically sustainable future, he says, but we need to lift ourselves out of poverty, war, meaningless work and the ignorance of new knowledge. He concludes that we need to form a global green democracy which would oversee our sustainable, peaceful and mind-expanding futures.

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Exploring Inner and Outer Space ($15)
"Brian O'Leary's book Exploring Inner and Outer Space is an autobiography of an astronaut who eventually found the knowledge and wisdom of "inner space" even more rewarding and exciting than the explorations and phenomena of outer space. It is also an appeal for a more open and extended inquiry into some of the remaining mysteries of outer space, including indications of past and present non-human intelligences, and also into the eternal mystery of the mind within. It is timely and inspiring."

-the late Dr. Willis Harman,
past-President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and author of Global Mind Change

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The Second Coming of Science ($13)

"Brian O'Leary is a prototype practitioner of the science that is longing to be born. I recommend The Second Coming of Science to all true scientists, that is, all seekers of the truth." -Gary Zukav, author of The Seat of the Soul and The Dancing Wu Li Masters

The real-life implications of avant-garde research are rarely put in words.Ê There are too few unifying terms-and too few people willing to sort through the scattered data.Ê Brian O'Leary deserves our thanks for this landmark, state-of-the-art synthesis. He follows Einstein's dictum that explanations should be as simple as possible but no simpler."

-Marilyn Ferguson,
author of The Aquarian Conspiracy

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Miracle in the Void Video (2-hour) ($20)

"O'Leary suggests there is a reality beyond what the five senses offer and brings the full force of his extensive scientific background to prove it. He challenges us to use our gift of thinking to make the quantum leap into worlds only dreamed about until now."

-Dennis Weaver,
actor, Founding President, Institute of Ecolonomics

"I loved this brilliantly conceived, wise and wonderful work. It contains so much wisdom, and so much that is useful in untangling the knots of fear which are our curse and our slavery. It relates the acquisition of clean energy to the rising of the heart into higher spaces, and so captures truth." -Whitley Strieber, author, Communion and Breakthrough

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