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Joel A. Garbon
In addition to serving as NEM's President, Garbon is a founding member of New Energy Congress, which maintains a publicly-viewable database of the most promising breakthrough energy technologies.
Joel is the author of an historic legislative draft titled Energy Innovation Act of 2007, which serves as a template for new energy legislation on the federal, state, local, and international levels. The legislation’s provisions call for urgent and serious public support for research and development of breakthrough energy technologies, and was presented to senators and representatives in the United States Congress.
Joel received a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Science from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. He has worked for nearly 30 years as an international industrial science consultant and educator within the chemical, pulp and paper, water treatment, and building products industries. He is the inventor and developer of several successful commercial technologies used within these industries.

Joel also co-authored, with investigative journalist Jeane Manning, the award-winning book Breakthrough Power: How Quantum-Leap New Energy Inventions Can Transform Our World, which chronicles the challenges, opportunities, and progress in the new energy technology field. The authors make the appeal for a “tidal wave of wisdom” and the concurrent evolution of energy technology and human consciousness as foundations for a new era on planet Earth.


Mark Hurwit
Secretary and Treasurer
Mark's involvement with the team began with NEM’s launch in 2004. He handles all financial transactions, email and other correspondence, writing, editing, graphics, website updates and maintenance, and participates in the Board’s ongoing planning.  

An extended research project several years ago brought Mark to a deeper understanding of the depth and complexity of today’s world, and —sobered by the truth that our very survival will require a vast and dramatic shift in how human civilization generates and uses energy— the conclusion of just how important New Energy Movement's work truly is. He also strongly suspects that the development of New Energy will not be coincident with, but will follow the spiritual progress of the human race— feeling that this, too, is deeply integral to NEM’s mission.  

Mark studied philosophy and psychology at the University of Florida, jazz at the Berklee College of Music, and received his B.A. from the University of Illinois. Years later, he moved on to graduate studies in Education, feeling convinced that making the best possible parents from the children of today is what will enable their children, potentially, to save the planet. He has traveled much of the world, and is deeply interested in a return from modernity as we know it to a life based on local sustainability and a global equality for all people... not just morally and politically, but through an implementation of the most practical and fair economics of energy.



Terry Sisson
Terry Sisson holds college degrees in Secondary Education and Electronics, with additional graduate coursework in Instructional Design and Electrical Engineering. He began teaching university electronics at 21 and, with a strong physics background, started and directed over 35 companies in a wide variety fields (the first lasted over 35 years). Terry has been an entrepreneur for the majority of his career, following his interests in high technology with strengths in sales and marketing.

In 1979, after living abroad (installing and maintaining New Zealand's first CAT scanner), he was introduced to his first over-unity device in Chicago. While trying to investigate the technology further, he learned that the State of Illinois shut down the inventor's business. One year later, the inventor died at an early age of an unexplainable heart attack; it took Terry 15 years to confirm the actual suppression involved.

For the past 25 years, he has continued analyzing hundreds of new energy devices, conducting experiments and visiting inventors in an attempt to locate technologies that everyone will be able to use.



Thomas Valone, Ph.D.
Thomas Valone, Ph.D. is the President of Integrity Research Institute and Editor of the well-respected Future Energy newsletter and Enews. He has authored 6 books and numerous scientific studies, articles and papers related to energy in all forms. He provides consultations on electrical product design and development, engineering testing, environmental and electromagnetic fields and energy, expert testimony and opinion, and meets regularly with congressional and senate leaders, briefing them on the latest energy developments. His views regarding energy-related matters have been featured on national media, including CNN.

In addition to his Ph.D. in General Engineering, Dr. Valone holds degrees in Physics and Electrical Engineering. As a professor, he managed an Engineering department, taught courses, and designed physics and electronics curricula. He is the inventor of a number of high-tech instruments (many of which are still on the market today), directed R&D at Scott Aviation, and has done extensive work as a Patent Examiner. He was elected as Board member of the PTO Society in 1999.

Dr. Valone received the Marcel Vogel Service Award from the USPA, and several Certificates of Appreciation from the SUNYAB Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences. He is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the Union of Concerned Scientists, the American Physical Society (formerly), and is a Licensed Professional Engineer with the state of New York. Dr. Valone is also listed in the Who's Who of American Writers and Poets.



Todd B. Ridolph
Todd is an Operations professional with a foundation in Industrial Engineering, including the best practices of Kaizen, Lean, 5S, CPFR and APICS. A manager-level thinker with the ability to promote teamwork and camaraderie in a hardworking, winning environment, Todd brings a well-documented track record of satisfying customer needs, solving complex problems and working with complex systems and software, substantiating his results through clear communication and quantifiable metrics.  

After graduating from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a B.S. Industrial & Systems Engineering, Todd has been lauded for his work in many companies and corporate environments: Hope Worldwide (Child Development), Georgia Pacific Corp, Financial Profiles, Wizarc, Inc., Deutsch Defense & Aerospace, Cardinal Health, STATS LLC (FOX Sports /Associated Press), and Callaway Golf Company.  

Todd's expertise is in creating efficiency and bringing results to a wide variety of different types of organizations, whether through the software development of searchable knowledge bases for employee training programs, improving assembly processes, introducing new manufacturing data collection methods or providing and experienced voice during collaborations on challenging planning processes.



David Niebauer
David received his B.A. from the State University of New York, magna cum laude, followed by a Masters degree from the University of Michigan, and J.D. from the Brooklyn Law School, where he was Articles Editor for the Journal of International Law. He went on to build a highly successful legal practice as a Partner with Graham and James LLP (now Squire Sanders), where he specialized in Securities Law, Venture Capital Financing and Mergers and Acquisitions. He later joined DigitalVentures, Inc., a corporate venture capital firm, as General Counsel and Chief Operating Officer.  

David has over 20 years of domestic and international corporate finance experience, with a particular focus on clean energy and environmental technologies. He brings a wealth of experience, financing contacts and business acumen to his practice, and has significant experience in renewable energy project development as well as all aspects of corporate finance and M&A transactions. David has represented numerous companies in complex M&A and financing transactions, and currently acts as General Counsel (including IP strategy, protection and licensing) for innovative clean-tech companies, including Smart Wire Grid, Brillouin Energy Corporation, and LumiGrow.  

Purpose Statement: "Manifesting ideas and technologies that advance the human spirit."  
There is no question that the time has arrived for a revolution in the way we produce and consume energy. It is ironic that in a world composed of matter and energy, the freeing of energy for productive use has become such a challenge. It is also ironic that the difficulties we face are largely due to our insistence on low-technology solutions to generating energy. We continue to employ perhaps the earliest known human technology (burning with fire) to generate the vast majority of the energy used in our otherwise technologically-advanced civilization.  

I believe that human beings employing the scientific method can unlock Nature's mysteries. We may never find answers to the ultimate questions, but can still be successful in incremental ways. And the more we are able to understand how things work, the more powerful we become... and are able to alleviate suffering and improve the standard of living of all humans on the planet. This power can also be used to raise humanity to ever new levels of attainment— both physical and spiritual.  

Tapping renewable energy sources is simply more advanced, more elegant, than burning fossil fuels. And it will provide us with more power. The more we understand and work within the balance of interconnecting forces that make up our world, the further we are able to evolve to higher levels of knowledge and consciousness. Living sustainably on the planet is the baseline from which all further development of humanity can begin; without it, no true progress is possible. For these reasons, I focus my practice on clean technologies and renewable energy, doing my part to bring about a transformation in the world's energy infrastructure.



Stefani Paulus
Public Relations & Media Facilitator for a Sustainable World
Stefani brings over 25 years of professional work focusing on national/international public relations, press facilitation, and major event productions. Known as an "Intuitive Marketer," she keenly weaves athletes, celebrities, noted scientists, and prototype products into the media and events, and has worked with and represent some of the top names in the public arena.  
Stefani firmly believes that public relations and communications can and should be applied with integrity to all subjects humanity would benefit from, and her educational background reflects this diversity, combining her earlier marketing and business studies at the University of Virginia with her ongoing research into sustainable lifestyles and holistic, Naturopathic and anti-aging medicines.  

Stefani is currently the Director of Business Development for both Chi Worldwide (chiworldwide.org) and the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement (globalbem.com), and has also, since 2008, taken an active part in the production and business development of Internet TV and radio shows, as well as launching the Power Up channel.  

Realizing that the future of a sustainable world starts with communication in all forms (including the art of listening), Stefani is currently using her skills to work with national & international sustainable communities, New Energy awareness, and "green" products.