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New Energy Movement is seeking to convene an advisory board of scientists, visionaries and social entrepreneurs whose role will be to shape the public face of the effort. Our work will need to be governed by the wisdom of experience, even though there is no true precedent to guide us. Introduction of such a catalyst for change as New Energy will require expertise in the areas of science, diplomacy and economics. We will seek to develop an incisive public relations strategy, as well as a pioneering business model for use by the industry.

Our advisors are to share in the responsibility of appropriating funds for specific grants, media projects and organizational efforts. Their advice on matters impacting both the grassroots and industrial scale of societal concerns will be of critical importance.

The limited number of advisory board positions will be crucial to broadening the scope of this movement. Please submit your suggestions or personal credentials for consideration. We are eager to learn of your passion for the vision of New Energy.

The current Advisory Board is comprised of the following New Energy allies:


Joel A. Garbon
Joel Garbon served as NEM president for 11 years, educating the public and policymakers alike about breakthrough energy technologies and their implications for human society and our imperiled planet, while also serving as an advocate organization for inventors of these technologies. He is a founding member of New Energy Congress (www.newenergycongress.org), a forum of technical professionals who investigate new energy technologies.

Joel received a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Science from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. He has worked for more than 30 years as an international industrial science consultant and educator within the chemical, pulp and paper, and water treatment industries. He is the inventor and developer of several successful commercial technologies used within these industries.

Joel also co-authored, with investigative journalist Jeane Manning, the award-winning book BREAKTHROUGH POWER: How Quantum-Leap New Energy Inventions Can Transform Our World (http://www.breakthroughpower.net), which chronicles the challenges, opportunities, and progress in the new energy technology field. The authors make the appeal for a “tidal wave of wisdom” and the concurrent evolution of energy technology and human consciousness as foundations for a new era on planet Earth.

Joel recently founded a community-focused organization that investigates and educates about the extraordinary healing and supersensory experiences associated with the unique spring water known as AquaLumine™ Pure Living Water ("http://www.AquaLumine.com").



Jeane Manning, B.A., New Energy Researcher/Author
Jeane Manning is author of The Coming Energy Revolution (Avery Publishing NY 1996); Energie (Omega Verlag, Germany, 2002); and co-author of several other nonfiction books, most notably her recent contribution (with NEM president Joel Garbon), Breakthrough Power. She's published in five languages and has been interviewed by media on four continents. With honors B.A., Sociology, she's been a social worker, reporter, counsellor, publicist, radio commentator and newspaper editor.

Jeane served on boards for a New Energy institute and an ocean-energy company, and is also on the board of a startup geothermal company. Her research into nonconventional small-is-beautiful alternatives brought invitations to speak at conferences including Institute for New Energy (Denver); Climates of Change Congress (Victoria BC); Women & Sustainable Development (UBC); New Hydrogen Technologies (Switzerland 2001); and Innovative Energie-Technologien (Germany 2002).



Kenneth Rauen
Ken Rauen serves as Technical Advisor for Pure Energy Systems Network and Science Monitor for New Energy Congress, benefiting both organizations with his solid foundation and expertise as a science generalist. Ken is a chemist by education and an engineer and physicist by experience. He received his BS in Chemistry from the University of Detroit in 1978 and launched into the industrial workplace, working for Ford Motor Company at the Milan Plastics Plant where he made the transition from a chemist to hands-on engineer. Laser video disc manufacturing experience at Producers Color Service was a genuine engineering capacity that continued through many other positions over the years.

During this time, Ken flexed his creative muscles and cultivated an avocation of inventorship until Gene Mallove hired him for Cold Fusion Technology's New Energy Research Laboratory, making him a professional inventor. He has also worked for Clean Energy, Inc. of Palo Alto, CA, where Ken did research on the resurrection of the Papp Engine, the well-documented new energy generation device of deceased inventor Joseph Papp.

Part of Ken's research into advanced thermodynamics was published by Infinite Energy magazine after a mainstream physics journal refused to even give peer review of his experimental evidence of a Maxwell's Demon, a "violation" of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. US patent 6,698,200 B1 was issued to him in March of 2004, embodying this research in an engine design, tapping the heat of the environment as its heat source. Inadequate resources have prevented its construction to date.


Stephen Kaplan, New Energy R&D specialist
From 2004 to 2008, Mr. Kaplan served as Vice President and Executive Director of the New Energy Movement. Currently, he serves as a member of the NEM Advisory Board, while conducting ongoing research into activities on the frontiers of energy R&D, educating policy-makers about the field and raising capital for promising projects.

On the national level, Mr. Kaplan has served as a legislative aide to Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin, working in the fields of economic opportunity, housing and energy; and as an Staff Associate of the Adlai Stevenson Institute in Chicago, coordinating a seminar on violent politics and social change.

On the local level, Mr. Kaplan has worked as Director of Community Development for the Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity (Burlington, Vermont); founded and directed the Vermont Housing Investment Fund; and consulted for a variety of community development corporations and neighborhood associations. In 1971, he was one of the founders and first chairperson of the Liberty Union, a third political party in Vermont.

Mr. Kaplan has taught political science, community development and creativity courses at a number of colleges and universities. He founded Creativity Associates, a firm providing training in creativity and accelerated learning to corporations, non-profit organizations and individuals. Mr. Kaplan has served on the boards of the National Rural Housing Coalition and the Oregon Inter-religious Committee for Peace in the Middle East.



Thomas Valone, Ph.D.
Thomas Valone, Ph.D. is the President of Integrity Research Institute and Editor of the well-respected Future Energy newsletter and Enews. He has authored 6 books and numerous scientific studies, articles and papers related to energy in all forms. He provides consultations on electrical product design and development, engineering testing, environmental and electromagnetic fields and energy, expert testimony and opinion, and meets regularly with congressional and senate leaders, briefing them on the latest energy developments. His views regarding energy-related matters have been featured on national media, including CNN.

In addition to his Ph.D. in General Engineering, Dr. Valone holds degrees in Physics and Electrical Engineering. As a professor, he managed an Engineering department, taught courses, and designed physics and electronics curricula. He is the inventor of a number of high-tech instruments (many of which are still on the market today), directed R&D at Scott Aviation, and has done extensive work as a Patent Examiner. He was elected as Board member of the PTO Society in 1999.

Dr. Valone received the Marcel Vogel Service Award from the USPA, and several Certificates of Appreciation from the SUNYAB Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences. He is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the Union of Concerned Scientists, the American Physical Society (formerly), and is a Licensed Professional Engineer with the state of New York. Dr. Valone is also listed in the Who's Who of American Writers and Poets.



Stas Rutkowski, Creative Director
A long-term web pioneer and innovator, Stas has been instrumental in many successful “ahead of their time” Internet startups. These include pre-eBay Internet auctions, pre-Netflix film resource and video rental services, and his personally conceived and industry-recognized “Gallery for the Digital Arts,” which in 1995 set a goal of ushering in digital art recognition as an important new form of fine art. Stas also participated in the initial teams of multiple Internet technology companies and online businesses, with focuses including Internet speed optimization, pre-Google industry web search, and multiple online fine arts galleries.

Stas also has supported members of his spiritually and socially-conscious communities with assistance in the formation and launch of organizations and businesses, including New Energy and socioeconomic-focused non-profits, yogic and permaculture communities and teachers, and global event promotions of conferences and multiple first-year music festivals. Healing and consciousness studies have also been a focus, and Stas was recognized by the Institute of Noetic Sciences as a Visionary Community Leader. He has also worked as a Video-J artist, and contributed live projected VJ arts at Alex Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.

During a 3-year sabbatical from running his design firm, Three Hundred and Sixty Degrees (www.360d.com), Stas was the Creative Director of the world’s 5th largest ad agency, for which he created a cutting-edge Internet division. During his 15 years in design, he has garnered clients among leading Fortune 500 brands, and was honored with a Global Echo Award for the direct marketing campaign for Adobe InDesign 2.0’s launch. Yet, while technology has played a pivotal role in his career, Stas is first and foremost an artist, focusing on usability and design that is both effective and alluring.


Andrew Mount
Since 1988, Andrew Mount has collaborated with innovators and entrepreneurs in the pursuit of new energy technology. His apprenticeship with physicist Bruce DePalma (depalma.pair.com) informed an awareness of the looming ecological crisis and whole-systems solutions that address it. One of the key components of his philosophy is the need for greater social responsibility in the commercial sector. Andrew is a Youth Minister and advocate of a humanitarian renaissance. He is also Trustee of DePalma Institute, a New Zealand Trust.


Peter LaVaute, Ecolonomic Entrepreneur
Managing Member of Ecosense Solutions, LLC. Promoting and assisting the research, development and implementation of technologies and systems that are sustainable, environmentally friendly, and beneficial to general health. Agriculture, Construction materials and systems, transportation, water supply and energy are the focus areas. He is currently organizing an Ecolonomic Commercialization Center to manufacture and market promising technologies that have 'proof of concept.'


Bill Zebuhr
William Zebuhr has a Master's Degree in mechanical engineering from Cornell University. He has experience in the large corporation world, the defense industry, and extensive experience as an inventor and entrepreneur in the energy and environmental fields. He has about thirty patents and a lot of experience with investors. He is founder and CEO of Ovation Products Corporation (see www.ovationproducts.com). The company has developed a small vapor compression distiller which has broad application in cleaning water for domestic and industrial use worldwide. This is a disruptive technology that will have a major impact in the multi billion dollar water industry.

Bill was founder and CEO of two other companies and cofounder of one. One of these was a major developer and manufacturer of solar heating systems and another is a major player in the heat recovery industry. These products have enabled the savings of hundreds of millions of gallons of oil.

Bill has had a long time interest in the fringes of science and technology and has helped raise seed capital for several inventors in these areas. It was this interest that led to meeting Gene Mallove and the association that resulted in becoming Chairman of the New Energy Foundation. Bill's broad practical experience, his interest in the connections between technology and metaphysics and the potential impacts on the environment will be helpful in helping to set the direction of NEM in the future.


Carol Rosin
Dr. Carol Rosin is an award-winning educator, child psychologist, futurist, international speaker, author, military strategist, and space and missile defense consultant. She received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Delaware and an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Humanities from Archbishop Soloman Gbadebo of Nigeria. She is Founder and President of the Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS), with headquarters in Vancouver, BC and Vilcabamba, Ecuador, where she resides. ICIS advocates for the peaceful, cooperative, non-military development of space, new energy, and related technologies for the betterment of humanity. Carol introduced the concept of a Space Development Initiative to replace the Strategic Defense Initiative.

Carol was the first woman corporate manager of an aerospace company (Fairchild Industries). She was spokesperson for and close associate of the late Dr. Wernher von Braun, the "Father of Rocketry," and has spoken widely about how to apply space technologies, new energy technologies, and information services to solve urgent global environmental, energy security, and economic problems. She has been a consultant to space and defense corporations and organizations, including TRW, General Electric, IBM, and the National Space Institute. Her consultations have covered a wide range of topics, including the MX missile, space shuttle, weather satellites, current and future manufacturing technologies, and business systems.

She is a renowned and dynamic speaker, and passionately educates about the Space Preservation Treaty and companion Space Preservation Act. She serves on the boards of numerous multi-national organizations, and is widely respected in the international science and space policy community. Carol owns and operates the Madre Tierra Hotel and Conference Center in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, a site for think-tank gatherings to address complex global issues.